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Attract and retain employees or members. Incentivise peak performance. Improve culture. Foster loyalty. An all in one white-label platform, branded to you.

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Build loyalty and engagement

Avidity Rewards provides businesses and associations of all sizes with an easy and effective way of recognising and rewarding your employees or members. 

Whether you have 20 or 100,000+ people in your organisation, Avidity has a host of options to reward, motivate and show appreciation. Opt for rewards or combine it with recognition, in a white-labelled portal, customised to you.


Begin investing in a self-sustained rewards platform that engages and gives back to your employee or member base in a cost-effective way.


Recognise your employees at all levels within your business or organisation. Align praise to your values. Instill a positive workplace culture where great work is seen, heard and celebrated.

Innovating and streamlining rewards & recognition

Access hundreds of exclusive rewards, offers, deals and discounts for your employees or members to use on a day-to-day basis, or gift someone directly.

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We make switching to Avidity Rewards easy

Whether you have something in place that’s just not working or are looking to reward and recognise your community for the first time, it’s never been easier to make the switch.

We take care of getting set up with Avidity for you.

Dealing with the team at Avidity Rewards has been such a smooth and easy process

The platform is easy to navigate, neat and uncluttered. Our staff now have access to a variety of offers and have never felt more recognised and empowered as being part of the TacMed team.

Lawrence Henzell
Group Sales Manager, TacMed Group

Rewarding your staff makes good business sense

Improve your team’s productivity

A happy team is a productive team. Make your employees feel valued, recognised and celebrated. Research indicates that happy employees increase business productivity by 31%.

Get more from your team

With incentives to perform and streamlined positive reinforcement. 85% of Australians report they would be more productive if they received reward and recognition and engagement.

Provide recognition in your team

Improve your workplace culture by promoting recognition and kudos from peers and leaders. Recognise your employees at all levels.

Promote health & wellness

With rewards partners across a wide spectrum of industries your team can benefit across a range of partner gyms, fitness, healthy eating, health, wellness and wellbeing brands.

Retain your best talent

Rewarding employee perks, recognition and excellent workplace culture are what retains quality people. Research indicates that companies with a recognition culture have a lower employee turnover by 23-31%.

Foster loyalty within

Whether you are a business engaging employees or a member organisation engaging members, rewarding your employees fosters teamship and loyalty. Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability, according to statistics.

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Retain, engage, reward and recognise.

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