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The Amazing Benefits of Rewards Programs

Rewards programs like Flybuys, Qantas Frequent Flyer, Starbucks Rewards™ and Myer One have been widely available and immensely popular in Australia for many years and there are now seemingly countless membership and loyalty programs to join. Most programs are incentive-based and offer rewards for in-store and online purchases, while others are free to join and enable members to access exclusive deals from their program partners. 

A great example of an industry-specific rewards program that offers its members amazing deals on an extensive range of products and services is Avidity Rewards. This exclusive rewards program is available only to members of the medical profession and provides membership benefits in areas such as fashion, finance, health and beauty, insurance, professional services, real estate, sports, technology, travel and so much more. 

With a quick and easy sign-up process, exclusive access to fantastic offers from an amazing array of partners and 100% free membership, it’s easy to see why the benefits of this rewards program appeal to members of the medical profession. Here’s a quick look at the advantages of joining a rewards program and why so many medical professionals have joined Avidity Rewards.  


Free Membership

Some membership and loyalty programs like Qantas Club operate on a paid subscription basis, others like Woolworths Rewards reward customers for purchases, and others, like Avidity Rewards, are free. While some may fear there’s a catch with these free programs, that isn’t something you’ll need to worry with reputable programs like Avidity Rewards. 

This rewards program is designed for medical professionals to create new opportunities for those who specialise in helping others in need. It’s completely free to join, fast — signing up takes only 2 minutes — and enables members to gain access to a world of exclusive offers. 

So, what’s the catch? There’s no catch with rewards programs like these — members benefit by saving money on products and services, and the program partners benefit because these exclusive deals make their offerings even more appealing. It’s that simple! 


Wide Range of Partners

Another amazing benefit of rewards programs like Avidity Rewards is the wide range of partners offering exclusive offers which members can access. Flybuys, Woolworth Rewards and similar loyalty programs give members points for shopping at different retailers, but they don’t offer you deals and offers from a wide — and growing — range of partners. 

Avidity Rewards provides its members with exclusive access to deals on everything from banking and construction services to kids toys, holidays and optometry — the list is endless!    


Exclusive Offers

Exclusivity is another reason why membership programs like the Avidity Rewards program are so popular. After all, who doesn’t want to get access to deals and offers that others can’t access? As soon as you’ve completed the super-easy sign-up process, you’ll gain exclusive access to offers from program partners that aren’t available to members of other programs. 


Like to learn more about the benefits of rewards programs? Read more about the Avidity Rewards program here and if you’re ready to get started, why not join today? 

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